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Bringing people together through food

We all love food, especially good food. Here in Silog, we love seeing people enjoy great food. But more than that, we derive our pleasure from seeing people enjoy our food with their friends and family.

Founded in 2016, we started with our dream to share a bit of our Filipino roots with the greater Los Angeles area. Just as there is a diverse range of communities in LA, the Philippines also shares a diverse range of communities spread over a number of islands. But regardless of our differences, the thing that connects us all is food.

Kamayan Feasts is our attempt to offer you a chance at experiencing how Filipinos connect through food. If you haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend checking it out!




If you work hard enough, you can make it happen

Lemuel Guiyab, born in Quezon City in Manila, opened Silog with his wife Lorrain in Torrance California in February 2016. They came up with the restaurant's name by combining fried rice (SInangag) and eggs (itLOG), a staple Filipino breakfast.

When people meet him, they are always surprised at how young he is and how it was possible for him to start a restaurant on his own. For Lemuel, the secret recipe to success is taking action. Even though he didn't start off with much, he accumulated small victories one by one until he was able to establish one of the best Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles.

It wasn't easy. But he didn't give up. Now, Silog is featured in Discover Los Angeles as

one of the best Filipino restaurants in LA and in Eater Los Angeles as one of the

19 most essential Filipino restaurants in LA.

Read more about Lemuel and how he helped open a new chapter of Filipino food in Torrance

at Eater Los Angeles.

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